This is a preliminary video of Louis Lohraseb leading the Indiana University Concert Orchestra in Chaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony, the one with the fate-and-triumph motto that occurs in all four movements. This piece is heard a lot, but never have I heard it conducted with such insight and attention to nuance, especially at the beginning with its sober grandeur. You can tell that Louis is an accomplished pianist, because he applies a solo pianist’s attention to detail to seventy-two people, which most conductors do not even attempt. When the D major theme first appears, listen to the way he makes the fanfare alternate with the lyrical and emotional answer. Also note how differently he treats the two appearances of the motto theme in the slow movement. And particularly savor the opening of the final triumphal march, noble and magnificent, bringing tears to your eyes. The IU Concert Orchestra played with skill, dedication, and enthusiasm, and the horn theme in the slow movement was meltingly beautiful. At the end you can see that they were extremely pleased with the result. Listen and tell me if you agree.
When the final video is available, I shall be writing a detailed review.