April 2018

Marie Demar letter

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Liebenswürdigste, edelste Freundinn Fräulein Marie! Herzlichsten Dank für Ihr herrliches Bild! die treu- herzigen schönen Augen! Wie trösten sie mich oft! Bis zum Ende meines Lebens wird mir die Reliqui theuer und kostbar sein   .  Und welche Freu- de bei so oftmaligem Anblicke. Auch ich bitte um Ihre theure Freundschaft, liebstes Fräulein! <page> Möge mir [...]

February 2018

Julie’s Birthday

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Today, February 17, 2018, is the birthday of my wife, Julia Weston Faunce Carragan. She was a mediaevalist and a career teacher and a profound enthusiast for music of early times. She made an exception in the case of the first of the Sonata-Triad by Nicolas Medtner, who was a close friend of my [...]

November 2017

October 2017

Obiter dictum #1

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The Second Viennese School was well-established before the war, but may be said to have taken definitive nature after the war and was clearly affected by it (Wozzeck, e.g.). What I mean by choosing 1914 as the beginning of the twentieth century is that the wars interrupted what otherwise might have been a regular development [...]

July 2017

Anton Bruckner’s letter to the Vienna Philharmonic and Hans Richter

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This is the letter of thanks that Anton Bruckner wrote in 1892 to the Vienna Philharmonic in thanks for their highly-successful and well-received premiere performance of his Eighth Symphony under Hans Richter. Note the beautiful and controlled script in a combination of Kurrentschrift and Latein. This was at the time of composition of [...]

Finish Lines by Byron Nilsson

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From the Classical Vault Dept.: Bill Carragan made his name as a Bruckner scholar – he completed that composer’s unfinished ninth symphony, as well as producing performing editions of others of those symphonies – while working as a physics professor. And he has turned his formidable powers to other musical challenges as [...]

June 2017

April 2017

Louis Lohraseb conducts his favorite symphony Chaikovsky 5

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This is a preliminary video of Louis Lohraseb leading the Indiana University Concert Orchestra in Chaikovsky's Fifth Symphony, the one with the fate-and-triumph motto that occurs in all four movements. This piece is heard a lot, but never have I heard it conducted with such insight and attention to nuance, especially at the beginning with [...]

CAO – Steel Horse Cigar

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A wonderful, elegant, and monumental experience, this cigar: CAO Flathead "Steel Horse", 6½ inches long, 66 ring gauge. Most cigars are less than 56 ring gauge. It's the biggest cigar I have smoked since three years ago when I started to sing and edit for the Antiochian Orthodox Church. Bruckner would have loved it, and [...]

Louis Lohraseb is conducting Chaikovsky’s Fifth at Indiana

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This is going to be very fine. Louis has many interesting and effective ideas for this difficult symphony and is getting excellent feedback from the orchestra. I wish I could be there! https://www.facebook.com/events/180108489171205/