In my resumed work on the critical report on the Second Symphony, I am establishing computerized collations of all the sources. Thus in reconstructing the original state of the early copy scores Mus.Hs. 6035 and 6034, written in 1872 and revised in 1877, I have revisited some of the core insights which determined the character of my double edition back in 2005/2007. For example, Mus.Hs. 6059, consisting of leaves removed from 6034 in 1877, shows clearly that the horn solo was changed to the clarinet/viola scoring late in 1872 because the later scoring is clearly the only version that was put in that score. It seems likely that these changes were made, and the fourth trombone added to the peroration, after the so far un-dated rehearsal in fall 1872, at which the Philharmonic decided not to proceed with it. But they were still made in 1872 because the score is so dated by the copyist Carda. Also, in going over the parts, I viewed once again the places in two of the parts where the Adagio begins under crossed-out staves of the Scherzo trio, thereby establishing firmly that the original sequence was Kopfsatz, Scherzo, Adagio, and Finale, just as it is in my 1872 edition.