September 2019

Progress on Second Symphony Critical Report

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In my resumed work on the critical report on the Second Symphony, I am establishing computerized collations of all the sources. Thus in reconstructing the original state of the early copy scores Mus.Hs. 6035 and 6034, written in 1872 and revised in 1877, I have revisited some of the core insights which determined the character [...]

February 2019

Thoughts on Julian Horton’s paper on the form of the finale of the Seventh

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Thoughts on Julian Horton’s paper on the form of the finale of the Seventh, Bruckner Journal, December 2018. 1. Horton presents the accepted structure [ABC | CBA], and attributes its justification to Timothy Jackson. 2. Horton says that that analysis makes sense thematically, but not in terms of harmonic structure. How would he explain that [...]

Ninth Symphony Article | Gramophone

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This is my reaction to an article in Gramophone where somebody has an article about the finale of the Ninth Symphony, devoted entirely to the group completion in its manifestations. My completion is mentioned but the writer did not listen to it. The following is from a Facebook discussion that ensued. In my completion the [...]

April 2018

Marie Demar letter

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Liebenswürdigste, edelste Freundinn Fräulein Marie! Herzlichsten Dank für Ihr herrliches Bild! die treu- herzigen schönen Augen! Wie trösten sie mich oft! Bis zum Ende meines Lebens wird mir die Reliqui theuer und kostbar sein   .  Und welche Freu- de bei so oftmaligem Anblicke. Auch ich bitte um Ihre theure Freundschaft, liebstes Fräulein! <page> Möge mir [...]

April 2017

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